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That of devotional medals is an extremely old tradition, which has been regarded by the Church as an effective means to convert pagans since the origin of Christianity. Indeed, at the times of the Roman Empire, amulets were very much in fashion among both men and women, for reasons which were partly religious and partly superstitious. Thus, the Church decided to replace them with metal medals to wear around the neck as a sign of devotion and divine protection for the wearer. Many religious medals, with the image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary, were found in the catacombs. They also featured engravings of sacred places, such as convents, churches or sanctuaries. Over the centuries, the individuals wearing such medals were often granted indulgence for their sins.

Medals for military valour, medals designed to commemorate great military events, historical anniversaries, sports events: the dies made by the company over the last 150 years to fulfil the orders of the foremost public and private organisations, religious congregations, world class companies are in the thousands.
Famous Italian artists, renowned in Italy and abroad for the value of their productions, have worked and still work with us for the creation of the sketches and the making of the models. Such artists include: Annigoni, Bodini, Cassinari, Dova, Fiume, Lazzaro, Minguzzi, Monassi, Purificato, Sassu, Pancotto, Rivadossi, Verdi, etc..

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